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Canada's Exclusive RoK9 Distributor

For over 10 years RoK9 has been dedicated to designing and manufacturing the highest quality professional canine training equipment.

We know that canine training and sports are exciting activities and with our years of experience in the sport world we are able to design the best bite suits and gear for professional to novice trainers.

We are strict with our material selections and have a close relationship with our textile manufacturers to ensure our products are made with the most dependable, resistant and comfortable materials.

We understand that canine sports are practiced all over the world in a variety of different environments and weather conditions and the equipment is a trigger for the dog, for this reason we manufacture high quality innovative equipment.

Our products are currently being used in several countries around the world including Mexico, France, Belgium, Australia, Germany, Peru, Guatemala, United State, Costa Rica, Venezuela and of course Canada.

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